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     1. Some 25,000 people were reported ______ in the ever recorded worst earthquake in Iran, which occurred late this month.

      A. were killed B. to be killed

      C. killing D. to have been killed

      2._____ the teacher's suggestion, Tom finally found a way to settle the problem.

      A. Following B. To follow C. Follow D. He followed

      3.______ that no one was ever prepared for it.

      A. So suddenly did the bad news come

      B. So suddenly the bad news came

      C. So did the bad news come suddenly

      D. Did the bad news come so suddenly

      4."______ the friendship between our two people last forever!", and with this sincere hope, the president concluded his speech.

      A. Could B. May C. Would D. Must

      5.We need a more capable leader, ______ with strong will and as well as good humour.

      A. who B. that C. one D. which

      6. Many people attend various public lectures, chiefly ______ themselves familiar with the latest development of different fields.

      A. getting B. to get C. to have got D. got

      7.It is no longer a problem _______ the poor children in this district can go to school.

      A. that B. whether C. so D. because

      8. Of all the applicants, ______ do you think is fit for the position?

      A. who B. whoever C. whomever D. whichever

      9.Part of the work is to be finished today and ______ by this weekend.

      A. another B. the others C. the rest D. the other

      10.Generally speaking, the hard one works, _______.

      A. the better he gets result

      B. the better result he gets

      C. he gets better result

      D. does he get better result

      11.With the worldwide oil crisis, the price of oil has been raised ______ 15%.

      A. about B. with C. of D. by

      12. The lectures, ______ the current international issues, are well received.

      A. are covered B. covered C. covering D. to cover

      13. Peter is very angry about ______ of the changed timetable.

      A. not informing

      B. not being informed

      C. being not informed

      D. not to be informed

      14.It is ______ that terrorism is a great threat to world peace.

      A. widely accepted B. widely accepting

      C. wide accepted D. wide accepting

      15.The house built of stone lasts longer than ____ built of wood.

      A. the one B. one C. that D. its

      6.E-mail as well as telephones ____ more and more popular in daily communication.

      A. have become B. become

      C. are becoming D. is becoming

      17.This kind of cloth ____ well.

      A. washes B. wash C. is washed D. is washing

      18.What do you mean ____ saying that you've never heard of it before?

      A. in B. by C. as D. with

      19. He's an intelligent boy. He ____ made such a foolish mistake.

      A. can't have B. may not have

      C. might not have D. mustn't have

      20. Each of the engineers and professors is working hard at their posts, ____ to accomplish the goal as soon as possible.

      A. wish B. for wishing C. wishing D. to wish

      21. It is just as hard to persuade my wife not to dance ____ to keep me from the football field.

      A. so it is B. as it is C. so is it D. as is it

      22.It was dark and cold. They had to find a house ____ and some wood ____.

      A. to stay in…to make a fire with

      B. to stay…to make a fire with

      C. to stay in…to make a fire

      D. to stay…to make a fire

      23 Some of the middle-aged people ____ to the meeting were famous professors.

      A. were invited B. who invited C. inviting D. invited

      24 Most green vegetables, ____ for too long, will lose nutrition.

      A. if to be cooked B. if cooked C. if cooking D. if being cooked

      25.____ you dislike ancient buildings, Warrick Castle is worth a visit.

      A. As B. If C. Even if D. Now that

      26.____ the expense, I ____ a round-the-world tour.

      A. Were it not … would take

      B. If it were not… take

      C. Weren't it for… will take

      D. If it hadn't been for… would have taken

      27. ____ from the top of the mountain, the whole city looks beautiful.

      A. Seen B. Seeing C. See D. Looked

      28. ____ the essay a second time, the hidden meaning will become clearer to you.

      A. While reading B. After reading

      C. Your having read D. When you read

      29.____ impressed the visitors deeply was ____ the workers made with their hands.

      A. What…that B. That…that

      C. What…what D. That…what

      30. The newspaper's owner and editor ___ away on holiday.

      A. is B. are C. be D. have been

      31.Recent estimates show that ___ more than two million bird-watchers in the United States.

      A. there are among B. are there the

      C. there are D. among the

      32.Ellis Haizlip began his stage career in Washington, D.C., ___ supervised the Howard University Players during their summer season.

      A. he was B. where he was

      C .which he D. where he

      33.Some people hold that the more conservative the world becomes, have old furniture, old houses and old paintings.

      A. the smarter is to

      B. the smarter it is to

      C. is it the smarter so

      D. is one to the smarter

      34. She was just about to explain ___ she hadn't passed her maths test chiefly out of carelessness ___ her uncle came.

      A. her mother … when

      B. to her mother why that

      C. her mother that … when

      D. to her mother that … when

      35.With the shining water before you and the wind ___ , trees behind you, you can not help ___.

      A. blown … but feel relaxed

      B. blowing … feeling relaxed

      C. blown … but feel relaxing

      D. blowing … but feel relaxing

      36. "Will you be able to finish the job this week?" " ___ ."

      A. I can't say it B. I don't know that C. I'm not sure this D. I don't expect so

      37.It's impossible for a child to do so much work within a short period of time, ________ ?

      A. isn't it B. is it C. has it D. hasn't it

      38. _______ that Mr Thomson got such rare fishes

      A. When and where was it

      B. When and where it was

      C. Was it when and where

      D. When and where were it

      39. Only after a baby seal is pushed into the sea by its mother ___ to swim.

      A. how will it learn B. it will learn how

      C. will it learn how D. and it will learn how

      40. Peter and Bob both did well, but Peter is ___ of the two.

      A. more talented B. the most talented C. most talented D. the more talented


      1. D 当不定式所表示的动作先于谓语动词所表示的动作时,不定式用完成时,且kill与逻辑主语people之间是被动关系,故选D

      2. A Following做伴随状语,修饰 found。伴随状语只有两种形式,主动用 following 形式;被动用followed形式

      3. A 本句测试的是so---ad.---that…结果状语从句的倒装结构,即so – ad.提到主语之前,主句用部分倒状。

      4. B May用在第二,三人称的疑问式结构中表示"祝愿"。

      5. C one做 leader的同位语

      6. B

      7. A 句中it是形式主语,代替 that引导的主语从句。

      8. A

      9. C 在四个选项中只有the rest可以代替可数名词或不可数名词,其它三个只代替可数名词。上句work是不可数名词,所以答案是C.

      10. B

      11. D by加百分数或表示数量的名词,表示"相差的程度"。

      12. C

      13. B

      14. A 副词widely表示比喻含义"广泛地";而副词wide表示具体含义"宽地,完全地"

      15. C不定冠词 a 限定名词时,下文one用来代替;而定冠词the限定名词时,下文that用来代替

      16. D

      17. A read, start, write等不及物动词加上方式状语或半系动词feel, taste, look等加表语形容词,在英语中是主动形式,而表示汉语中被动意义。

      18. B

      19. A

      20. C

      21. B

      22. A 动词不定式to live in和to make a fire with分别作定语修饰a house和some wood,与被修饰的名词构成了动宾关系,所以动词不定式用及物动词或不及物动词加介词构成的相当于及物动词的短语动词。

      23. D

      24. B

      25. C 主句与从句之间是让步关系,所以用even if.

      26. D 与过去事实相反的虚拟语气。

      27. A

      28. D 非谓语动词做状语,其逻辑主语是句中主语。The hidden meaning不能执行read的动作,所以排除AB,C项属于动名词独立主格结构,在句中做主语。

      29. C

      30. A and连接两个名词表示"一副,一双,一套等或一个人兼两个职务,即用一个冠词或物主代词限定两个名词做主语,谓语用单数形式。

      31. C

      32. D

      33. B

      34. D explain/ announce等后面的结构是~ sth. to sb.或~ to sb. sth.,to 不可省略。

      35. B

      36. D I don't expect so.= I expect not. 能这样使用的动词还有 Believe, think和 suppose;而在hope等动词后,否定形式只有 I hope not.不能说 I don't hope so.

      37. A

      38. A 强调句

      39. C only加状语提到主句前面时,主句中主语和谓语用部分倒装。

      40. D

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